Vivienne M. Hayne, MD

Dr. Hayne focuses on treating mood and anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Her practice encompasses concerns relating to many different developmental and medical issues, with attention to how those issues can affect a person and the person’s relationships and families. Dr. Hayne is committed to helping address how mood and anxiety affect a person’s function in daily life and how to help a person make healthy and positive choices. Dr. Hayne has a special interest in the adoption community and also welcomes individuals with concerns about the health and well being of their children or family members.

Obtaining an initial consultation is often a matter undertaken reluctantly. Dr. Hayne hopes you will feel welcome to address any concern important to your sense of well being and living productively. Dr. Hayne welcomes individuals across a broad age spectrum, from concerns affecting teens (especially in cases of suspected eating disorders) to later life issues.

Her initial consultation is generally an hour long for you to identify your concerns. She would discuss with you her initial impressions and work with you to make a plan for future treatment, if desired. As part of the consultation process, Dr. Hayne often recommends a general medical examination by a general practitioner of your choice, often with accompanying laboratory work up. She may also recommend diagnostic testing by a consulting professional, especially in cases of previously untreated attentional issues. You are encouraged to bring with you any medications you are currently taking, as well as any previous lab work or testing you feel may be helpful.

Further treatment may take the form of medication prescribed by Dr. Hayne, although the use of medication will be a topic for discussion and is not a given. In an appropriate case where you are interested, a course of psychotherapy may be recommended, and Dr. Hayne could refer you to a therapist. Other interventions might include referral to another medical specialist (for example, an endocrinologist in cases of suspected thyroid disorder), referral to a physical therapist, or referral to community resources such as a grief group.

Dr. Hayne was educated and trained at Tulane (BA 1975, JD 1978, MD 1993, Psychiatry Residency 1997) and is board certified in adult psychiatry. A member of the Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, she has lectured and supervised students at Tulane’s medical school and law school. She also provides psychiatric services for residents of Eden House and has lectured members of the federal bar on interviewing victims of trauma.


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